English Flying Tipplers from Down Under

I was lucky

Yesterday (Nov 19, 2015) I was training my young ones, it was their 3rd day out on the loft. They flew for around 15 minutes and I dropped them using my white droppers. However one of them would not land on the loft roof and kept flying low even though all the others had landed on the loft. Well it finally did land on the roof ,but would not come in.

Added more photos

Today (Nov 18, 2015) I added 12 more photos of birds. These include various pairs of Hughes birds, and a Beautiful Bronze Mottle Lovatt Cock that is a very interesting birds. There's also a Light print Shannon Hen added, as well as a Light print Potts hen.

New AFTU Flying Record

I am thrilled to announce that Philip Ching one of our AFTU members flew a kit of three tipplers on Sunday (Nov 10, 2013) in an AFTU official fly, and has created a new AFTU record. He released his kit of three birds, two Blue Bar Cocks and one Blue Grizzle hen at 6:10 AM and dropped his kit at 7:30 PM. His droppers were released at 7:20 PM.

New Photos added

See my new photos added

A number of new photos were just added. See the kit boxes in the Loft section and in the bird section I added a Dunseith Hen, Dark Grizzle Shannon Cock, a light print Potts hen, and another Hughes bluebar Cock. Also, a young Grizzle Shannon hen and white-flighted Grey Grizzle Shannon cock. Enjoy the birds.

History of English Tippler Importation in Australia, Late 90's to 2009

by Danny McCarthy

I have been asked to write an article on the importation of English Tipplers into Australia by my good friend Luka Kapac, secretary of the CNTU for the October issue of their newsletter.

Well Luka I will not venture into the history of tipplers that were here pre 1995, as I do not have rock solid details on them. I will leave that topic for another time, until I have done my research and have all the facts.